A Patient’s Guide Before and After a WA Laser Eye Surgery

Thanks to greater experience among surgeons and better technology, laser eye surgery has become much safer over the years. However, some patients still experience side effects such as post-surgical redness and dry eyes. Most of these side effects are temporary, but some can be permanent. Below, are some of the controllable factors in ensuring the success of your procedure.

Before Lasik in Perth


You will likely have your choice of several laser eye surgeons. They can vary in protocol, experience, cost and professionalism; your choice of provider is one of the determining factors in the success of your laser eye surgery in Perth. The best surgeons are those with 20+ years of experience, and some have performed thousands of surgeries. Find a provider that has done many surgeries similar to the kind you’re having, but isn’t afraid to turn down people who are not good candidates. Ideally, your surgeon should turn away about 15% of those seeking a LASIK procedure.

During the Consultation

At your consultation, your surgeon will ask about your prior health history. It’s important to be as accurate and honest as possible about your allergies, prescription and OTC medicines and medical conditions. Full disclosure will help to protect your overall health, as well as that of your eyes. Surgeons and consultants are trained to spot conditions that warrant extra care during procedures. Some providers offer choices such as PRK and LASIK, which are customizable according to your needs.

After your WA Laser Eye Procedure

Your surgeon’s work is not done when the procedure is over. It is important to attend regular follow up appointments, and they are standard with all laser eye surgeries. These office visits are the simplest way for your surgeon to ensure that you are healing normally, and they also allow doctors to find complications before they become serious.

In addition, your eye surgeon will prescribe special eye drops to be used at certain times during the days after your laser eye surgery in Perth. Taking the eye drops as intended shortens healing time and reduces discomfort – follow the doctor’s orders exactly to lower the risk of complications and speed healing. Once you are fully healed, an annual eye exam is recommended, to monitor the health of your eyes and any changes in your prescription. If you follow the steps above, you can achieve the best possible outcome after your laser eye surgery.

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